Sharing is caring!

Sharing is caring!

Dear readers! We have now launched our first ecotourism project. The intention of all this is to protect the forest next to our village and everyone living in it. Humans, primates, birds, insects, and plants…
Ecotourism is a good way of giving a sustainable income to the current and the next generations. We need to change the current way of tourism and we need to guide the people in the right direction by showing how. By your visit and contribution, we can make this happen. You will witness how pristine and valuable this area is to all the villages and cities around it. Visit us, see it with your own eyes and help us in making the managing organizations realize this treasure is here to stay!

Please be so kind as to share this project on your social media so it reaches the right people. You can do that by copying and pasting this link:

Contact us directly through this website or our Instagram for questions and instant replies!


We hope to see you soon!!!
Generation (Wh) Y


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