Plasma, marble made of plastic…

Plasma, marble made of plastic…

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since our last post
Now that you all know we have moved cities, we’d like to introduce you to our new project called Plasma, which stands for PLAStic MArble. We create marble-like products out of post-consumer plastics. We do this because we care about plastic pollution. As you might know, Indonesia is the second-biggest plastic polluter in the world. Shame on us, indifferent Indonesians. So it’s time to take action and be responsible!

We choose plastic because it’s one of the apparent problems out there and also because I know some things about plastic from my education and training in the past. Plastic is actually a material with a lot of good qualities. It’s lightweight, strong, flexible, durable, waterproof, antimicrobial, non-conductive, and of course abundant and cheap. You see, cheap is the problem because it shouldn’t be. Plastic becomes affordable due to the big scale of production and global subsidy on petroleum, while it’s actually very difficult and expensive to find, mine, treat, purify, and process. Now you can see plastic everywhere you turn your eyes. It shouldn’t be abundant and shouldn’t be cheap. Because cheap means you can throw it away after using or it is too much effort to reuse or fix. No one cherishes cheap stuff. That makes it disposable and abundant.

Our little effort here is the impersonation of our frustration when seeing plastics ditched in the gutter, clogging up rivers, marking the beach lines, and end up on our plates. So even when we still eat plastic unconsciously, we try to make something cool out of it. It must be something durable, functional and aesthetical. We come up with furniture and our first product is a chair. To create this we use simple equipment, such as an electric oven, molds, and a compression tool. Our local partner, the creative welders, is helping us out with the metal works. The making process is very simple. The plastic is first sorted, washed, melted, and molded. From the mold, we get triangles, where we then put together a mosaic and form the desired surface. The stool is made of a hexagon from six triangles and supported by steel legs.

Our first product!

Aside from creating products, we have a bigger picture. Once we have a proper workshop, we will open our workshop to any creators who want to use our equipment and play around with plastic. Our goal is to build a community that cares about our planet and wants to make it a better place. Together we will bring solutions to environmental issues. That is our dream and hopefully, it’s not that far off to make it come true.

Keep an eye on our Youtube channel and checkĀ out the video of our first creation below.
Let us know if you have any suggestions.

This project is inspired by Precious Plastic, where they teach us a lot about making creations from plastic waste. Check it out if you have the same frustrations as us and want to do something about it…



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  1. Cool idea and video. Just wanted to report a side effect this had on me: While of course knowing it should be possible, melting plastic to create something new simply wasn’t on my DIY map… sometimes I need accessory pieces for several hobbies of mine and next time I’ll remember this option and and at least consider doing it.

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