We have a house!

We have a house!

Another project finished, partly…!

We have a new house and it is tiny, truly tiny…

From the backside with the sleeping platform opened


This drawer is for a cooking stove

For cooking tools and gas bottle

Every storage space is used!

First closet


Second closet


Two drawers

Drawers and sleeping platform closed

Extension platform for Janick’s side 🙂


Our tiny house

This is only the first part of our car conversion. We have another part in mind to “expand” our tiny house into something a little bit bigger, we will share this with you once finished…

We will not use this camper car often just yet because we are currently having too much fun in Yogyakarta. So we will stay here for a while.

After we are done with this city the camping fun can begin…

Almost on our way to Belgium guys, see you in 2 weeks!

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